Zeilleon Long Patrol Member Black-ops Specialist By Lord Rose Thorn

Zeilleon Disguised.

Zeilleon is a member of the Long Patrol during the events of The Badger and the Rose.

Name: Zeilleon Medick

Species: Hare

Gender: Male

Age: 26 Seasons

Weapons: Paws, all four of them

Appearance(Including Clothing): Tall and oddly scrawny but is actually built very pathetically but don't let that fool you one bit.


He is very suspiscious and can be a hand full. He is very brave and is known to hold a grudge especially if somebeast eats some of his food without asking!


Not much is known about this mysterious Hare other than he was spying on Gallette Gortus and that he seems to be descended from Stiffener Medick.