127px-Zanna the Fang by Jump

Zanna the Fang made by JumpoverMoon for SalemtheCruel.

This is SalemtheCreul's character that I LRT posted for her as a gift from me to her. ^_^

Name: Zanna the Fang

Species: Sabertooth Tiger

Gender: Female

Age: 36 years/seasons

Personality: Zanna is extremely sly and cunning, as well as ruthless and merciless towards her unfortunate hordebeasts, as anyone unlucky enough to be a victim of her wrath is as good as dead. Despite all this; Zanna is still an extremely accomplished Warlady, and does not verbally and physically slave-drive her horde members for nothing.

Appearance: Zanna, like most Sabertooth cats is a tawny, sandlike color and has brownish-green eyes. Her fangs protrude from her muzzle, and are of course, extremely long and very sharp. She wears a sleeveless dark green tunic covered by a chainmail vest, a matching-colored cloak and dark brown breeches held up by a belt of anaconda skin.

Weapons: Spear, her teeth

Backstory: Zanna will say frusturatingly little about her past; other than that her mother was a Warlady, Arcana the Fang, who died trying to conquer Redwall Abbey and failed horribly. Because of this Zanna hates all woodlanders and has a burning desire for blood and revenge.