The White King is based off of Lord Rosethorn.

Name: King Rose (Lord Rosethorn)

Species: Badger King

Gender: Male

Age: 27 Seasons

Weapons: A single sword that looks like a zweihander he has it adorned with colors of red roses and is just as lethal as any of his subjects weapons. It is said that this sword is the Vorpal Blade itself but not many can confirm this.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Big and lightly armored he wears pure white and silver armor to stay true to his kingdom.


Lord Rose is a brave and just ruler, he can be nearly unstoppable in battle but at most times still needs others help when in battle. He is unable to keep the inhabitants of Wonderland from feeling doubtful of the White Kingdoms protection and many have become quite cowardly and fearful of the Red Kingdoms power.


He has been lving in Wonderland for a long time. He has been trying hard to keep his place as king of the White Kingdom. He was prince to it before his mother and father were killed ruthlessly by the Red Kingdom's hostile attack at a celebration.