The Chamber Of Affinity A RPG By Lord Rose Thorn

About Luck Sequences

What the RPG is going to do when you are playing is that sometimes you will come across something called Luck Sequences. Luck Sequences vary depending when they pop up. Remember this is completely random it might happen to others it might not happen at all and depending if it does you should be very thankful!

In Battle you can get either extra damage or you get extra attacks.

When Opening Chests it determins whether you get a certain item or nothing at all maybe even a trap.

In Spell Usage Or Fusion either gets you special effects added on to the damage or extra damage to your enemies.

Scenarios For Battle

When you are attacking an enemy you check your stats, for example you have 4 attack points, you will add that number to your level then multiply it to your level as well, like so 4+4=8X4=32. Easy.

Rosethorn attacks Rat, Rosethorn's stats combine, 1+1=2X1=2 damage to rat 15-2=13, Rosethorn runs up and slashes the rat twice, the rat staggers backwards starting to bleed.

When Using Magic

When using magic towards an enemy you should type it out like this: Lord Rosethorn uses his Dark Barrage Spell towards Rat, Rosethorn's stats combine, 1+1=2X1=2 damage to Rat 15-2=13, Rosethorn holds up a paw Dark energy emerges and transforms into Shards of Dark Energy, Fear your own evil and the fate it comes with, Dark Barrage! A salvo of Dark projectiles launch forth towards the Rat, The Rat staggers backwards struggling to keep his footing on the blood covered ground.

The Chamber of Affinity Spell Combinations These are used by two people preparing to use a spell and decide to combine the energies of those spells.

Fireball + Fireball = Flareball

Fireball + Fire Meteor Swarm = Armageddon

Fireball + Aqua Mentaris = Geyser

Fireball + Whirpool = Aqua Flare

Fireball + Wind Storm = Fire Storm

Fireball + Typhoon Boom = Flare Tempest

Fireball + Earth Shaker = Eruption

Fireball + Earth Shatter = Magma Burst

Fireball + Holy Arrow = Holy Fire Arrow

Fireball + Divine Judgment = Heaven Asunder

Fireball + Dark Barrage = Black Flare Barrage

Fireball + Dark Shadow = Flare Shadow Strike

Aqua Mentaris + Aqua Mentaris = Aqua Blast

Aqua Mentaris + Whirpool = Water Spout

Aqua Mentaris + Wind Storm = Rain Storm

Aqua Mentaris + Typhoon Boom = Tsunami

Aqua Mentaris + Earth Shaker = Mudball

Aqua Mentaris + Earth Shatter = Land Slide

Aqua Mentaris + Holy Arrow = Holy Water Arrow

Aqua Mentaris + Divine Judgment = Holy Shower

Aqua Mentaris + Dark Barrage = Dark Water Barrage

Aqua Mentaris + Dark Shadow = Aqua Shade

Wind Storm + Wind Storm = Gale Blade

Wind Storm + Typhoon Boom = Twister

Wind Storm + Earth Shaker = Dirt Devil

Wind Storm + Earth Shatter = Desert Storm

Wind Storm + Holy Arrow = Heavenly Breeze

Wind Storm + Divine Judgment = Heavenly Storm

Wind Storm + Dark Barrage = Dark Air Blade

Wind Storm + Dark Shadow = Suffocating Darkness

Earth Shaker + Earth Shaker = Earth Rumble

Earth Shaker + Earth Shatter = Tectonic Shift

Earth Shaker + Holy Arrow = Heaven’s Foundations

Earth Shaker + Divine Judgment = Heaven and Earth

Earth Shaker + Dark Barrage = Dark Shard Cannon

Earth Shaker + Dark Shadow = Shadow Eruption

Holy Arrow + Holy Arrow = Heavenly Javelin

Holy Arrow + Divine Judgment = Sealing of Ragnarok

Holy Arrow + Dark Barrage = Twilight Thorn Barrage

Holy Arrow + Dark Shadow = Twilight’s Sorrow

Dark Barrage + Dark Barrage = Dark Shade Reaper

Dark Barrage + Dark Shadow = Forbidden Shadow Summoning


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