These challenges will be updated or added to this page when more are created. Challenges are split up by the level system I have created certain challenges will be unavailable to others depending on their level. LRT is in charge of coming up with Challenges.


Challenge Number 1Edit

Challenge: Werewolf of Wonder

Limitation: No Dark Magic

Rewards: Silver Fur of the Lycan

Information: There is a Werewolf on the loose your job is to hunt it down and kill it before it kills innocent woodlanders! You will be rewarded upon completion of this Challenge.

Challenge Number 2Edit

Challenge: No more Dragon your Weight

Limitation: No Fire Magic

Rewards: Fireball Spell

Information: There is a ferocious Dragon loose in Mossflower, you must track it down and capture it. If it proves to be hostile as I thought you must kill it. You will be rewarded upon completion of this Challenge.

Challenge Number 3Edit

Challenge: Zombie Madbeasts

Limitation: No Poison curing items

Rewards: +10 Level up

Information: The Land of Mossflower is being overrun by the undead beasts of time long forgotten. You will need to eradicate all zombies you come across. None shall be allowed to escape.

Challenge Number 4Edit

Challenge: Silver Moon Black Intentions.

Limitation: No Dark Magic Spells

Rewards: +5 to Magic Stat

Information: There is a strange creature loose in Mossflower Wood. You must travel to the deepest part of the Woods of Mossflower and take down this strange creature before it causes harm.

Challenge Number 5Edit

Challenge: Forbidden Masters

Limitation: No Projectile Weapons or Magic Spells

Rewards: A Rare Gold Weapon of Choice

Information: There is a Cursed Master Swordsbeast loose on the Western Shores. You must answer his challenge and defeat him in combat. You will need to be the strongest you have ever been to defeat this new and deadly foe. Mystery surrounds this Master Swordsbeast and it is said he is cursed waiting for a worthy opponent to free him through his defeat in battle. You will be rewarded upon completion of this challnege.

Challenge Number 6Edit

Challenge: Song of a Saddened Maiden

Limitation: No Water Magic Spells

Rewards: Aqua Mentaris Spell

Information: There is a strange song floating in from the Northern Sea. You must go and investigate this strange song and determine what the source of it is. We hear stories that it is the spirit of a lovely Mouse Wife who was slain while protecting her babe. Please find a way to bring peace to the spirit if that is the source of the song.


Challenge Number 7Edit

Challenge: Futile Efforts Limitation: No Dual Spells

Rewards: +20 Level up

Information: No matter what we try we can't solve the puzzle in the Mysterious Tower. You need to find a way to solve it.

Challenge Number 8Edit

Challenge: Losing Control

Limitation: No status curing items

Rewards: +30 Level up

Information: Your leader has gone out of control! You need to stop him from killing others! Try to stop him without killing him. Inflict enough damage on him to make him pass out. Don't over do it or you'll no longer have a leader!

Challenge Number 9Edit

Challenge: Missing Mirror

Limitation: No Poison curing items

Rewards: Yew Wood X15

Information: A precious Mirror is missing. Find it and return it to the Abbot!

Challenge Number 10Edit

Challenge: My Time Is Up? Dark Forest's Gates?

Limitation: No Healing items Rewards: +90 Level up

Information: You are in a strange place, it is dark and there are trees everywhere!You see a huge pair of gates that seem to beckon your name. You need to escape the maze in the forest and return to your body! You have five minutes to find your way out succesfully!

Challenge Number 11Edit

Challenge: Doppleganger? How can this be?

Limitation: No Illusion effects Rewards: Random Dark Spell

Information: There is a familiar face causing trouble! Find out who it is and clear your name!

Challenge Number 12Edit

Challenge: Unknown Adversary

Limitation: No teams Rewards: +70 Attack Stat

Information: Try to uncover this dangerous foes identity. Deal with him if you encounter him.