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About Silthere Longclaw

Name: Silthere Corrance Longclaw

Species: Fox

Gender: Male

Age: 25 Seasons

Weapons: A small knife and a Scimitar

Appearance(Including Clothing): Silthere has Reddish-Orange fur and the fur on his paws is Silver. He's tall and slender very agile and smart.


Very cunning and sly he's good enough to make a snail part with it's shell willingly. He is very ruthless sometimes not even letting his enemies have a chance to attack. He likes to fight one on one, he is as skilled a swordmaster as he is with paw to paw combat.


Silthere's Mother Vixara was an ordinary Red Fox his Father Nightclaw was a Marlfox, a cunning and wicked creature. He was born and raised in the Northlands all his life. His Mother died when he was still a pup he was cared for and raised by his Father. Not much is known about him as he has yet to reveal his sinister past.