Bio DetailsEdit

Personality: Sebastian is a kind, fun loving guy to be around. He can be hotheaded at times though he is very cool most of the time. He is mellow and calm when nobody is bothering him. He does not tolerate any kind of negative harrassment from anyone. He is very mysterious sometimes and is exceptionally talented with many things. He can be a bit of a handful whenever his temper gets the better of him. He is bi and is currently the mate of a folf named Damien.

Description: Sebastian is a hunky teenage Sea Otter, he likes to wear certain kinds of clothes, he is EMO hence the scar on his right arm. He likes to wear blue jeans and even grey jeans too!

Interests: He believes everything has another side to it, no matter how it seems to be in the first encounter. He believes that everyone has a good side and a bad side and even though it does not always show it is still present at all times. Anime, Manga, Martial Arts, Blades, Knives and Swords as well as Swordplay.

Hobbies: Video Games, Drawing, Reading, Surfing, Writing Fictional Stories and Poetry, Designing Items and assorted things.

Favorite Foods: Italian foods and several other kinds of foods, loves Tuna Fish Sandwiches, Salads without dressings on them and many kinds of Fruits and Vegetables, one of his favorites is Broccoli cooked in Teriyaki sauce.

Least Favorite Foods: Hates Asparagus and is allergic to Apricots.

Extra: Hi ottott i found your page~Love Folfy

Extra1: *giggles* Hi again ^^ ~Love Folfy


Sebastian is an Immortal and capable of controlling Fire. He uses a Pheonix's Chakram imbued with a fraction of its immense power and his Yoso named Kah-shokei.