180px-Roughtide by Jump

Roughtide is Rosethorn's adoptive brother, the one he saved from an Adder and son of Skipper Wavecrester and Perla.

About Roughtide.

Name: Roughtide Wavecrester

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Male

Age: 16 Seasons

Weapons: Sling and a short aerodynamic dagger for use under water he also obtained a Scythe named Otter Clan Judgment.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Tall like his father wearing a light blue tunic over a shark skin jerkin.


Roughtide's kinder than anyother Sea Otter around and braver too!


Rougthide was almost killed by an Adder had it not been for Rosethorn rescuing him when he was helpless. His parents adopted Rosethorn and cared for both like their own children. Roughtide always plays around with his older brother Rosethorn.

Roughtide's Dagger By Lord Rose Thorn
Otter Clan Judgment By Lord Rose Thorn