Rilon Severclaw is a new character I came up with while RPGing/

About Rilon Severclaw Senior.

Name: Rilon Arcthurin Severclaw Senior

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Age: 28 Seasons

Weapons: Zweihander

Appearance(Including Clothing): He is tall with brown fur he has fur a darker brown forming a mask on his face he has a small goatee and sports a very bold air around himself, his eyes are amber and he wears a black leather jirkin over a light brown Tunic.


His personality is very protective of his Wife (now deceased) and Son. He is very brave and selfrightious. He never hessitates to keep his family safe even if it means losing his own life.


A skilled swordsman and a loving father he lived in Mossflower with his Wife and Son. His wife was killed and his son ran away as he was told. He searches for his only sone all over the land seeking to protect him from any further harm done by other Vermin and even woodlanders. He mourns the loss of his Wife and alway searches for her killer.