Rilon Severclaw Junior is another character I came up with while RPGing

About Rilon Severclaw Junior.

Name: Rilon Reinhart Severclaw Junior

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Age: 9 Seasons

Weapons: A small Sling and stone pouch

Appearance(Including Clothing): He is short with brown fur he has fur a darker brown forming a mask on his face like his father, his eyes are a dusty brown with hints of green in them and he wears a small brown tunic with a green woven belt.


He is very caring and willing to help those less fortunate than himself. He is very brave for his size and won't hessitate to protect others from harm.


He lost his mother when cruel vermin raided their home. His father fought them off as best he could and ordered Rilon Jr. to run away and never look back. He fears for his fathers life and wanders around searching for him. He constantly wishes he could be back home with his loving mother and brave father.