Redmight Sunstrike is Redmight's Character he created.
180px-Redmight Sunstrike by Jump

About Redmight Sunstrike

Name: Redmight Sunstrike

Species: Wolf

Gender: Male

Age: young adult

Weapons: a massive double edged claymore named Judgement

Appearance(Including Clothing):His fur is white colored with his ears being color black and having tattoos of red lines under his eyes, he is a bit tall, He wears a cuirass of silver armor with plated fingerless guantlets, his emblem is a red sun which he has engraved on his cuirass,he wears a red cape.

Personality He is quite calm, friendly and enjoys good humor, he is harsh and ruthless in combat against all things evil,

Backstory He was born of a poor family in the scorching and unforgiving deserts of a far off land called skybloom, when he became of age he traveled through the desert and barely survived the trip in order to reach the capital of Skybloom, he recieved training as a knight, and fought valiantly against many forces of evil until he was promoted to Paladin one of the highest ranks of knights in skybloom, he travels the world eradicating evil, to show that wolves are noble beasts.