180px-Perla by Jump

Perla is wife to Skipper Tidal Wavecrester, mother and adoptive mother to Roughtide Wavecrester and Rosethorn.


Name: Perla Wavecrester

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Female

Age: 30 Seasons

Weapons: No known weapons, is considered to be very peaceful.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Slightly shorter than her husband and both her sons wears a pearl pink silk dress.


Very caring and kind, she cares for both Roughtide and Rosethorn as equals.


Perla was helpless to save her son Roughtide from an Adder luckily Rosethorn came to the little babes rescue. Perla adopted Rosethorn as one of her own and is deeply afraid of losing any of her family. She was captured by Zeilleon of the Long Patrol who at the moment was disguised to spy on Gallette Gortus.