Orson is a character I thought up for The Bloodwrath Battles and he has yet to make an appearance.

Name: Orson Valamir

Gender: Male

Species: Sea Otter

Occupation: Escaped Slave and Warrior

Weaponry: Metal claws throwing knives a sling and stone pouch and two curved swords

Personality: He is sly and cunning though he is maddened by his slavery. He is a victim of the Bloodwrath although he rarely ever gets it in or out of battle.

Clothing: He wears a black leather vest over a grey tunic he has crossbelts on his shoulders and on his waist

Appearance: He is dark brown with eyes the color of sapphires, he has a huge scar on his chest where the Warlord almost killed him, it is a fiery red color and is just a image of a slash across his chest.

Background: He used to live with his family, he had a wife and three Kits until the Warlord discovered him and his family. He was left for dead along with his family. He survived and hunted the Warlord down but was captured before he could take his revenge.