Noir Nosight is a character that has yet to appear in any story or RPG.

About Noir Nosight.

Name: Noir Irulon Nosight

Species: Weasel

Gender: Male

Age: 25 Seasons

Weapons: A swagger stick and a short sword

Appearance(Including Clothing): He is medium in height and has bulky muscles he has light brown fur with darker fur making up the mask on his face, he wears a black cloth headband covering his eyes.


Very wise and wishful, he openly helps any who need it. Though he is blind he can fight very effectively using his heightened senses to his advantage.


He lost his sight when he was young and nearly died from numerous accidents caused by his lack of sight. He was taken in and trained by his master known solely as The Black Hero. He is somewhat unsure of his effectiveness in battle and wishes he still had his sight.