Mad Hare is a character I came up with in a weird dream. I was reading Lord Brocktree and I fell asleep everything was as if it were an Alice in Wonderland movie.

About Mad Hare.

Name: Mad Matthew Moralthane Hare (Mad Hare for short)

Species: Mountain Hare

Gender: Male

Age: 25 Seasons

Weapons: A sabre and a small dirk.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Tall lanky and odd looking he has a top hat and he wears cloths with several small objects and medals pinned onto it. His eyes look as if they are far off into space and his whiskers look like they've been crumpled and twisted.


As his name suggests he is mad absolutely mad! He is always talking in and out of his Highland accent and says odd things from time to time. He is very brave and has no problems standing up for what's right in a heart beat. He is extremely skilled in swordsmanship and he even dabbles at sewing a little bit.


Not much is known about him, his mother said he was in a terrible accident which caused him to go mad, his father said he was born madder than a toad. He wanders around the world searching for his long lost friends he believes he has. Many have met him and were thankful enough to give him his own weapons. His titles range from many things but the ones he likes most are Mad Matt and The Mad Hare.