Lord Silvereye is the true ruler of the Floating Palace.

About Lord Silvereye.

Name: Silereye Irumis Gaorhann

Species: Bengal Tiger

Gender: Male

Age: 18 Seasons

Weapons: Two claymores Su and Mo.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Short medium height with siler eyes as well as silver breastplate with a brown leather jirkin underneath he wears shin guards and gauntlets as well as a big leather belt as to which he carries his claymores


Foolish at times and unprepared at others he was unsure what to make of Gallette Gortus before it was too late, he can be very childish sometimes but he quickly checks himself most of the time.


Not much is known of him other than he was overpowered and sealed within a prison cell in the mountaim pass, he fought Gallette Gortus alongside Rosethorn and managed to help bring him down.