Lethro Wavecrester

About Lethro Wavecrester.

Name: Lethro Ironcraft Wavecrester

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Male

Age: 48 Seasons

Weapons: twin hammers.

Appearance(Including Clothing): Big and stiff he wears a black leather vest over a grey tunic. He has cold blue eyes and greying brown fur.


He is very strict and clumsy from time to time. He is a metal smith. He can create weapons from metal and just about anything.


He lives in his Holt located at the South Eastern Coast. He was out defending his Holt from sea raiders when a nasty storm kicked up and blew away many of his family and friends. He searches for a way to get back to his Holt located on the South Eastern Coast with his three friends, Irthorn, Pythren, and Rullia.