Kingdom Hearts:War For Oblivion is an RPG I thought I would make. It takes place in a time between the end of Birth by Sleep and the beginning of Kingdom Hearts. It's a text style RPG in which you describe what your character does and how they do it. You even speak with other characters using it, I thought I'd use this type for the incredible amount of diversity that is possible with it.


You battle other Keyblade Wielders and Masters for something known simply as The Ultima Blessing, a power of which the very same Kingdom Hearts was said to have been created from. It is more powerful than Kingdom Hearts in ways that could change everything. To get to it you must traverse a single unknown world of which many things are stranded there from various worlds. Then you must overcome the many enemies and obstacles that present themselves during your journey. You may either team up with other Keyblade Wielders of your side or on the opposite side or you may go it alone. Know this, there are many dangers lurking behind every corner, in every shadow, in every emotion, and even in plain sight where there is nothing.

"Time is eternal, everlasting, an existence that can be traversed by special means. To do so, one must merely look inside himself and open their heart to both Light and Darkness. Only once both have been accepted and controlled, the path to traverse Time shall open and all will be revealed. The infinite questions about Kingdom Hearts itself, about Darkness, about Light, Nothingness, and even Dreams shall be bountiful and obtainable in means one could never have imagined!" - Master Vladimir Herrenroseaktig


There are several Disney characters and even characters from the Final Fantasy Franchise and The World Ends With You Franchise as well.


The World of Anonymity ( This is the only world you will visit, it is said to be something close to Kingdom Hearts itself and it in turn has it's own mysteries. )

(Provinces are areas where worlds are "Intertwined" to The World of Anonymity.)


100 Acre Wood



Beast's Castle

Castle of Dreams

Deep Jungle

Deep Space

Destiny Islands

Disney Castle

Disney Town

Dwarf Woodlands

Enchanted Dominion

Halloween Town

Radiant Garden

Keyblade Graveyard

La Cité des Cloches


Mysterious Tower


Olympus Coliseum

Port Royal

Pride Lands

Space Paranoids

The Grid

The Land of Dragons

Timeless River

Traverse Town

Twilight Town

Wonderland Mardi Gras Town


Shattered Privinces are worlds that no longer exist but are still around as remnants. They seem to have returned here for some reason.

End of the World

Castle Oblivion

Hollow Bastion

Land of Departure

Mirage Arena

The World That Never Was


Being as there is no possibility of the Unversed surfacing due to Vanitas' Demise there are Heartless both of pureblood and of Man Made as well as Nobodies, The World of Anonymity has a deep mystery in the case that the Unversed are present here somehow, this seems to be the biggest mystery of all. The union of these three dangers has been called The Veil of Darkness. There are several other unions of enemies in this world that seem impossible but it has become reality.


Fire> Fira> Firaga

Blizzard> Blizzara> Blizzaga

Thunder> Thundara> Thundaga

Aero> Aerora> Aeroga

Stop> Stopra> Stopga

Magnet> Magnera> Magnega


Here is where your character comes in. I'll start with mine.


Name: Vladimir Herrenroseaktig (Translated from Norwegian Herren meaning Lord and Roseaktig meaning Rose)

Eye Color: Sea Green

Hair Color: He has Red hair with silver streaks in it

Skin Color: He has a whitish colored skin

Keyblades: Aqua Stellar and Union's Simplicity

Rank: Keyblade Master

Clothes: He wears a black tee with a Sea green Fleur De Lis Heart design on it with a blue and silver vest over it, he wears jeans of a curious design, half is blue and half is grey. He has chains dangling from the belt loops being shorter on the front two and getting longer as you go back, he also has what appears to be some sort of arm accessories that are made of black cloth and can reach from his wrists to halfway up his forearm.


Here is for your character and others character.


Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Skin Color:





Here are the Keyblades that have been revealed at this time.