Personality: Midnight is very layed back and kind to most who know him, his attitude tends to shift at certain times when he's lonely.

Description: Jonathan is a tall and moderately built cat. He is all black save for a small patch of white fur on his pelvis, he has yellow green eyes and a simple stud piercing in his right ear.

Interests: He is a pacifist and disapproves of violence, he does however enjoy being hit sometimes.

Hobbies: Translating several languages and reading romance novels.

Favorite Foods: He loves Chinese food specifically Chow Mein, Orange Chicken, Beef and Broccoli and Egg fried rice.

Least Favorite Foods: Hates squash and goji.


Midnight is an Immortal capable of controlling both Light and Darkness, however he can only use one at a time. His Yoso's name is Kage which means Shadow in Japanese, his Yoso's true form is Kage Raion which means Shadow Lightning which is his weapon with the ability to wield both Light and Darkness at the same exact time.