Hightide Wavecrester

About Hightide Wavecrester.

Name: Skipper Hightide Wavecrester

Species: Sea Otter

Gender: Male

Age: 38 Seasons

Weapons: Scythe named Otter Clan Judgment and a short sword.

Appearance(Including Clothing): He is really tall and bulky, he is strong and kind. He has olive green eyes and has a shell necklace. He wears a green and brown woven vest with a simple black leather belt around his waist and another across his shoulders.

Personality He is very protective of weak creatures and very cunning. He is strong willed and stubborn sometimes. He is Brave enough to fight three Adders at once. He never backs down from a fight and will always be there for those who need help.


He lives in his Holt located at the South Eastern Coast. He was out defending his Holt from sea raiders when a nasty storm kicked up and blew away many of his family and friends. He searches for them all around the South Eastern Coasts where his Holt is located. It is hinted his son is Tidal Wavecrester himself but not much is known about him. His friends and members of the Wavecrester clan are, Lethro, Irthorn, Rullia, and Pythren.