Greater Shadow Cat By Lord Rose Thorn

A Greater Shadow Cat is an enemy from Dark Forest itself! It is Stronger than the Lesser Shadow Cat.

Name: Unknown

Species: A cat of some sort.

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Weapons: A pair of lethal metal claws.
Dark Claws By Lord Rose Thorn

Appearance(Including Clothing): A spectral figure who wields the power of Darkness and lurks in wait for its prey.

Weaknesses: Holy Magic and Weapons Fashioned From Silver.

Items dropped by this enemy

Dice Roll:

1.) 1 or 2 = Dark Barrage Spell

2.) 3 or 4 = Dark Shadow Spell

3.) 5 or 6 = Dark Gem

Dark Barrage Spell

Dark Barrage Spell

Dark Shadow Spell

Dark Shadow Spell

Dark Gem

Dark Gem