Azure Twinstripes is LRT and Nitram's creations. Crisom has a twin brother named Azure Twinstripes.

Crisom Twinstripes.

About Azure Twinstripes.

Name: Crisom Ricardo Twinstripes

Species: Badger

Gender: Male

Age: 19 Seasons

Weapons: Claymore and Bow and Arrows

Appearance(Including Clothing): Tall and slender like Azure his stripes are Black and Red instead of Black and White. He has Light Brown eyes like Azure and his favorite color is a Dark Red.


He is brave and strong of heart he does not fear any thing not even the worst of storms. He is a really good fighter and has never turned his back on those who needed help. He is more the brawn of the two than he is the brains.


Crisom and Azure were young Badgers when an entire Vermin Horde charged their families village. They were thought to be the only two that survived miraculousely from the attack. He and his brother were hanged by the mysterious leader of the Vermin Horde yet somehow they survived it and swore vengeance upon him. He dyed the white stripes red cause he swore an oath he would bring the Vermin responsible for the destruction of his entire families village to justice.

Redwing Bow By Lord Rose Thorn.

Redwing Bow, Crisom's Long Bow