301px-CommanderDarkpaw by FF

Commander Darkpaw

Commander Darkpaw is one of my characters and he appears in The Badger and the Rose, my first Fan Fiction.

About Commander Darkpaw.

Name: Commander Darkpaw

Species: Hare

Gender: Male

Age: 20 Seasons

Weapons: A Samre and a Rapier

Appearance(Including Clothing): Tall for his kind wears a big blue coat and two belt crossing his back for his swords. His right paw is a dark grey and the tips of his ears are black. His eyes are like a jade green.


Commander Darkpaw is a very stern Hare and is always willing to help others. He has a deep hatred towards Weasels and although he has an exception towards Rare a Weasel who aspires to be a member of the Long Patrol.


Darkpaw was rescued by Lord Berther the Fierce. He has fought alongside Lord Rosethorn and and the rest of the Long Patrol. He has a nephew who was kidnapped and tortured when he was a babe and miraculously he survived to live on. His brother was killed with his wife when the Weasels kidnapped his Nephew. He is very smart and is good at strategizing he learned this skill from Berther the Fierce.