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Art Contests Rule!

This page shows all the current Art Contests and those that are done as well.Lord Rose Thorn 17:54, November 3, 2011 (UTC)

Lord Rose Thorn's ContestsEdit

First Art Contest.

Objective: Draw the main character Lord Rosethorn from the Fan Fiction The Badger and the Rose two ways. One has to be young Rosethorn another has to be Older Rosethorn when he rules the mountain Salamandastron.

End Date: This Art Contest ends on October 25th 2011

The winners of this Art Contest are Jump for her version of Older Rosethorn and Ruko for his version of Younger Rosethorn. CONGRATULATIONS!

180px-Older Rosethorn by Jump

Jump's Winning Artwork.

400px-Lord Rose Thorn by FF

Ruko's Winning Artwork.

Niko Bank's ContestsEdit

Niko doesn't have an active Art Contest yet.

Redmight's Art ContestsEdit

Redmight doesn't have an active Art Contest yet.

SalemtheCruel's Art ContestsEdit

Salem doesn't have an active Art Contest yet.

Scotty Bluefleck's Art ContestsEdit

Scotty's Art Contest is taking place on Redwall Wiki she is a good friend of mine and she participated in my Art Contest she was also the first one to submit the first piece of artwork. Here is the link. Scotty Bluefleck Art Contest.

Selound's Art ContestsEdit

Selound is hosting an Art Contest on RW. Here is the link to the info. Selound's Art Contest
Aquastar and Perla Wavecrester By Lord Rose Thorn For Selound's Art Contest

My entry for Selound's Art Contest.