Alia "Onepaw" Bloodtooth is the daughter of Jisky Bloodtooth, a vicious ferret Warlord descended from Swartt Sixclaw. Alia (or Onepaw as she is known to most) had six claws on her left paw; until it was cut off by Jisky, when she was a babe. He left his daughter to die in a burning log cabin. Alia and a squirrel about the same age named Redwood were taken in by Slicktail; a rat deserter from Jisky's horde who secretly raised them as her own daughters, changing Alia's name to Onepaw and not telling her her last name so that she would hopefully never learn of her bloody heritage. Sixteen seasons later; Jisky learned that Slicktail survived and angrily hunted her down, burning down the house where she lived, but Onepaw and Redwood managed to escape, but each got separated and believed the other was dead. Redwood hid out in the woods near Jisky's horde's camp, while Onepaw decided to travel to Redwall, where she eventually is told her true name in a vision by Martin the Warrior. She also eventually discovers she has Hellfire; a much more severe form of Bloodwrath rarely found in any creatures but badgers.

Lord Rose Thorn: Technically Hellfire is not a form of Bloodwrath but it is rare to find in any creature that means any!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The reason why Onepaw's biography is so short is because the fanfiction she appears in is not yet finished. This page will be updated as I write the story ^_^ -SalemtheCruel